Still life #1 “Grease Can”


After spending many years living in New York, I moved back to my hometown to care for my aging parents in the home where I grew up. In the course of my long days I would see things that fascinated me like this can of grease pictured above which I remember from my childhood days spent following my father around the house as he did various tasks. Why the can is fascinating to me I cannot express in words, as a kid I just thought it was cool. I loved the shiny, deep red color and the label with the little Standard Oil logo.

When I decided to paint it I wanted to show all of it, not just a single perspective, so I chose to borrow from pop art and use flat straightforward views and maybe from the cubists by showing multiple aspects in a single painting. I also used a complimentary color to make the can more vibrant. The halation that surrounds each view I borrowed from the Spanish painters, most notably Velasquez. I think my ultimate aim is to balance abstract and realist elements.

This is painted in oils on four 7″ x 5″ wood panels. To see more work take a look at my website:


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