Paintings from digital images #3

j detail

This is a detail view of the third painting using an image from a thermal printer (the kind that are used to print temporary ID stickers). The painting is a 3/4 length figure and the format is very large for this kind of detailed painting (36″ x 24″). As with my previous post, I photographed the model, rather than using a “found” image, which I have done with some of the other paintings in this series. The photograph was then printed on a thermal printer which yields a very tiny image that is scanned, enlarged and printed on photo paper. The color is my own invention as the source image is black and white.

Due to the size and complexity of the image this painting took about ten months to complete. My wife thinks I must be a bit mad to go through with such arduous and tedious work, but how else can I find out if it looks good?

I posted this detail image to show the work more clearly. To see the full image, please visit my website:


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