Work in progress

aphrodite 2


This is a plaster cast I purchased in order to see what it would look like if I applied my knowledge of thermal printer images to a piece of sculpture. I have created about six paintings in oil on panel using images from thermal printers, which are used to print temporary ID stickers. I scan these tiny photographs and rescale them to an 8” x 10” format for reprinting; the enlarged image is (more or less) transferred to my panel. (See my previous posts, or visit

In this case, however, I discovered that photography was of no use, I had to use my previous experience and wing it. In some ways it is easier to do it this way, because I can develop an working rhythm and let it flow.

To get some interesting visual dynamics I placed the bust where it receives multiple light sources and I am in the process of tracing them out with the “digital affects.” There is much more work to do and I am still wondering how I am going to paint the back and sides without moving the bust… Oh, and I am also puzzled as to how I can mount the piece if it works out. The existing base is much too unstable.

Technical note: Before painting I sanded and coated the plaster with several layers of thinnish acrylic gesso.


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