Paintings with bolts #1


These heavily tarnished silver trophies were won by my father and me racing his daysailer on summer weekends. The painting is a tribute to our time together on these outings. The tarnish, reflective of the time that has past since those days, was the main challenge.

Somehow, maybe inspired by a trip to the hardware store, I decided to include actual bolts in the painting. Feeling that they should be bolting something, I made a panel with a raised section and put the bolts though there. Ordinary hardware wouldn’t do for this project, so I found a website that sells every kind of bolt you could imagine and chose chrome plated ones, the kind you would find on a Harley-Davidson. The chrome will never tarnish.

Two more things: That’s me in a former studio room reflected in the goblet painting the scene; also, the cup in the lower right is slightly out of perspective to give the composition a little more instability.

This oil painting is on a 12″ x 12″ wood panel. To see more of my work follow this link to my website.


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