Paintings with bolts #2


If you have never seen any of the Great Lakes you are missing an awe inspiring sight. Having grown up a short distance from Lake Michigan, it seems to be a part of me. I spend lots of time studying its various moods and a ripping nor’easter will get me down there no matter what the temperature. Sometimes it’s so cold and windy and my eyes tear so much I can’t really see anything and I just point my camera and shoot.

This painting is of such a day. I wanted the image to have some sort of actual physical impact and I had the idea to make a layered panel and bolt the layers together. Each bolt represents an added layer. You can see thin lines of sky color I put on the upper edge of each panel layer. This work, besides being quite heavy, really juts out of the frame. The bolts I chose are bronze carriage bolts, which are typically used in marine construction because they don’t rust and last forever.

The painting is in thickly applied oils and measures 18″ x 24″. You can see more work on my website.


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