Paintings with bolts #3


This is portrait of my wife was largely inspired by Picasso. He seemed eternally obsessed about having multiple, simultaneous views of the same object, which I find fascinating. Here I examine several views of her features and scramble them so that it doesn’t quite “read,” therefore, each individual feature must be examined on its own.

I’m not sure why I chose to use individual raised panels, they just seemed to fit the idea of academic studies of facial features, which I also enjoy seeing. The bolts… I don’t know, they just look impressive and I wanted to use them. Chrome hex bolts are quite beautiful. And, maybe I was aiming to underscore my belief in the value of academic practice.

The background colors are similar to those used by pastel and chalk artists from former times, e.g., France in the 1600 – 1700s. I wanted to evoke the tradition of the study.

This painting is in oils and measures 24″ x 18″. It weights a “ton” because of the bolts and the frame is a custom piece and is built as strong as furniture.

Please look for more of my paintings on my website,


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