Paintings from selfies #2

self portrait ivy

The painting in my prior post worked out well enough that I asked some friends to take some selfies for this series. I used the same technique as before, grisaille, many layers of glazes and background colors straight from the tube. And, as before, the vertical format is meant to evoke the photo booth.  I wanted to suggest, or reference Warhol’s portraits. His first major portrait was made from pictures taken at a photo booth.

As a side note, my use of unmixed colors was inspired by reading Bright Earth: Art and the Invention of Color, by Phillip Ball. His narrative of the development of color chemistry really lit a fire under me and I have been using colors as pure as possible ever since. The experience of “pure color” is, for me, the closest painting can get to music.

This painting is done in oils on three 9″ x 6″ wood panels. Check here for more work.


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