Paintings of landscapes #1


The winter drama of Lake Michigan is often truly astonishing. A prolonged, ripping nor’easter with 15 to 20 foot waves really piles up the ice along the shore. The ice formations can rise 15 feet or more above the water level and extend the beachfront into the lake for quite a distance, although it rarely freezes over.

I have been visiting the lake in winter for since my childhood and I know it can be dangerous to walk on the piles of ice. I am very cautious. My first worry is falling into the water my second that I fall on the ice and ruin my camera. So far, so good.

The ice formations don’t last long. They are completely dependent on the temperature, winds and the waves. The day I photographed this beauty it was very, very cold, but the sun was bright and everything was looking crisp. Painting snow is so much fun because it reflects many colors and has a wide range of textures.

This painting measures 32” x 28” and is on canvas mounted on a wood panel. More work at


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