Paintings of landscapes #6


This painting is a close-up of frozen pier pilings. It is the other side of the same pier depicted in my last post. It is located on the north side of the pier, the side subjected to some very rough conditions in the form of wind, waves and spray. What fascinated me about these pilings is the variety of color and texture. The tops of the pilings are encased in smooth ice while at the base they have the appearance of stalagmites. The color at the bottom comes from wind-whipped sand building up icy patterns around the base of the pilings. The underside of the boulders have a buildup of ice that looks like running liquid.

This is the kind of painting which needed every approach I could conceive. Besides the usual oil paints and brushes I also used knives, impasto, glazes and ground glass. One of my painting instructors told me that good painting leaves people wondering how it was done. I think there are passages here that even I cannot figure out anymore. Painting is the most fun when the plan breaks down and you work in the moment.

More work on my website, check it out!


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