Paintings of landscapes #8


This painting is the leftmost panel in a triptych of an abandoned mansion in the Chicago suburb of Lake Forest. (The central panel can be seen in my previous post.) The property was built by Harold McCormick who’s father, Cyrus, invented the reaper and the company International Harvester and his wife, Edith Rockefeller McCormick who’s father was John D. the founder of Standard Oil. I was up there many years ago with my Canon SLR taking photographs of this property which has since been sold and rehabbed and modified to some extent. Check out this website which shows the original property and gives a detailed history.

This is view of the snowy, icy, granite staircase leading to the pool house which can be seen in my previous post. The deep blue cast is inspired by the 35mm slides I took which aged poorly. More information on how I came to photograph this site can be found on my previous post.

The panels are 18” x 24” each and painted in oils on linen mounted on wood. See my website, for more work.


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