Paintings of landscapes #9

mckormick pool

This is the third panel in my triptych, “McCormick Mansion” showing the swimming pool, the bathhouse and the stairway. See my previous two posts for some background and history of the mansion.

By the time this photograph was taken the water level in Lake Michigan had risen enough to completely engulf the swimming pool. I don’t know if it was originally designed to be in the water or not (the Great Lakes rise and fall considerably on a 20 year cycle), but the structure didn’t appear to have any deck except on the shore side. Clearly storms had taken their toll as the pool can be seen listing towards the lake. The structure jutting into the water towards the top of the panel is a breakwater which was probably constructed to protect the structure from the lashing waves.

Here is the complete triptych (they are framed separately):


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One thought on “Paintings of landscapes #9

  1. Stunning painting. I really like the abstract starkness of the dark areas and how it creates a mood with the greenish blue. For me it captures the mood of the old mansion and it’s sense perfectly. Great work.

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