Phone camera malfunction #2

phone cam 1

One Friday last summer I took my family to Navy Pier in Chicago to view preparations for an America’s Cup sailboat race trial in Lake Michigan. I brought only my smart phone to take photographs of the event which was kind of silly as the boats are beautiful examples of high tech design.  They are able to rise out of the water on a foil which enables them to go much faster than the wind — up to 50 mph or more. I have some sailing experience, but I didn’t expect anything like these boats

The painting shown here as well as the previous and next posts are from that lovely day, except there are no boats pictured. I took many pictures of the boats flying along and at rest. When we returned home and I reviewed the photos I came across three images that were completely illegible, but interesting nonetheless. Smartphone cameras sometimes do weird things. I eventually decided that errant pictures would be fun to paint and that I could do interesting things with the shapes and colors.

Most of the colors are laid down in successive, separate layers rather than  in layers of mixed colors. I used bristle brushes to scrub the paint onto the surface which produced interesting effects due to the somewhat course ground, which has brush marks going in various directions. This scrubbing technique enabled lower layers of color to show through. The result is a bit impressionistic, but using a completely different manner.

While I was painting I kept in mind an image of an undefined landscape emerging from nothing, which prompted my choice of painting technique.

All of these paintings are 30″ x 30″ on wood panels. Please stop by my website to see more work.


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