Paintings from digital images #8


Well, this isn’t really a painting from a “digital image,” but rather a painting of patterns inspired by my work with digital printers on a commercial (cheap) plaster cast (see related work earlier in my feed).

I decided on monochrome because using colors would cause a confusion of competing visual stimuli. Black and white seems to keep the piece in balance. As with my “digital” paintings on panels, this required several coats of paint plus all kinds of difficulties getting around the contours of the figure. Overall, I worked on this for a year while also working on other projects.

“Aphrodite” is about 20″ tall and 13″ wide, it is painted in oils on an acrylic “gesso” ground.

My next task is figuring out a way to mount it on a substantial pedestal and cover it with a plexiglas box. It seems that plaster can’t be glued to another surface because it is too brittle… If anyone has any ideas, don’t be shy! See more work on my website.

venus back

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